2020 Safe Streets Awards - Winners

The Safe Streets Awards are an opportunity to highlight individuals and jurisdictions that have led by example in creating better streets for all users. Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties each selected one individual Complete Streets Champion Award winner and one Complete Streets Community Award winner.

Conference attendees voted to select one winner for the People’s Choice Award for Best Complete Streets Project! Winners were announced at the 2020 Safe Streets Summit on February 7, 2020.



Complete Streets Champion Award

Eileen Higgins, Commissioner, District 5, Miami-Dade County

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Miami-Dade County Commissioner Eileen Higgins is a transit rider who strongly advocates for better streets and networks within the communities she serves. In Little Havana, Commissioner Higgins has assisted with improving the built environment for all modes of transportation by supporting Healthy Little Havana's Public Space Committee projects. These projects aim to increase safety and accessibility to Complete Streets, safe routes to parks, active trails to schools, pedestrian priority zones, play streets, and more seating at bus stops with high ridership of older adults. She has even played a vital role in ensuring the roads and sidewalks are liter-free of to allow Little Havana residents to feel less stress and more enjoyment during their daily walks. 

In Miami Beach, she has been a steadfast action-oriented leader who has made pedestrians and bicyclists on our local and state-owned streets a top priority. She is creative and doesn't settle for systemic excuses that limit the community's ability to have equitable and healthy designs. Commissioner Higgins is known for conducting site visits with both community members and technical staff to co-design solutions that are in the best interest of her Miami Beach constituents. Commissioner Higgins embodies being a Complete Streets Champion and well-deserves the Safe Streets Miami-Dade 2020 recognition.

Complete Streets Community Award

Healthy Little Havana
Pictured: Alejandro Diaz

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Over the past 6 years, Healthy Little Havana has emphasized the importance of creating safer, more accessible transportation options that give Little Havana residents the opportunity to access their daily needs. Through a Public Space Committee bringing together a range of partners, stakeholders, and residents, Healthy Little Havana has led or supported a series of projects to promote active transportation including: a bilingual wayfinding campaign encouraging biking and walking routes, tactical urbanism projects, walking audits, installment of benches at transit stops, planting of 70+ trees to provide shade in transit routes, and the transformation of NW 2nd Street to provide residents better access to a local asset, Henderson Park- just to name a few. Of note, they have implemented all of these projects with the help of Community Liaisons, residents who have been hired to co-design and implement all efforts ensuring a community-driven approach. Their commitment to a long-term investment and comprehensive approach to addressing health through improved public spaces and transportation options is setting an example for communities locally and nationwide.


Complete Streets Champion Award

Christine Fanchi, City of Fort Lauderdale

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Christine Fanchi joined the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Transportation & Mobility Department in 2014 as a true “PlanGineer” passionate to transform the City’s car centric streets to more multimodal streets that considered moving people.  As the City’s Livability Planner, she pushed us all to think out of the box and make projects better than they were originally thought.  Considering the pedestrians and bicycles in every design.  She has been an active member of NACTO participating in street design guidelines and implementing those guidelines in practice. Speaking out for the most vulnerable users of our streets, wearing her pink bicycle pin every day.  She bridged that gap between planning and engineering allowing the city to accomplish the vision of its residents through the many projects.  The impact is too big to measure with the many small projects that she helped neighborhoods with but we are able to see the big ones every day.  Most especially NE 13th Street, a lane elimination Complete Streets project that has transformed this commercial district within the Central City CRA.  She also led the city in the adoption of Vision Zero.  Fort Lauderdale was not only the first city in Florida, but also the first in the entire Southeastern United States.  Her passion for creating safer streets for residents and visitors inspired many to join the effort. As an engineer she has been able to help influence many designs of streets to provide safer places for all users and making sure that the most vulnerable users are safer. She has fought the good fight to make each project a better one, even when everyone else was concerned about stepping outside of their comfort zone.

Complete Streets Community Award

Pictured from left to right: Ken Reinhardt, Laura Cantwell

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AARP has been an important partner in creating safer streets for all users in Broward.  AARP representatives are a fixture in community engagement events sponsored by the Broward MPO. These events include Walking Audits, annual Lets Go Biking! and Let’s Go Walking events, and other related events aimed at making streets in Broward more accessible and safer to all. Through their participation, AARP has been able to make substantial contributions and have provide feedback to ensure the needs of older adults are considering when projects are being designed and constructed.  In addition, AARP has representation in the Broward MPO’s Complete Streets Advisory Committee (CSAC) and the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).  The Chair of the CAC has been an AARP representative for the last two years.

Furthermore, AARP as contributed to the implementation of Complete Streets and better practices by developing downloadable resources in collaboration with great partners and experts in the field. Guides and grants available for everyone, residents, group or community leaders, governmental organizations and nonprofits.  AARP’s Walk Audit Tool Kit was used as a resource by the Broward MPO to develop and conduct the last series of Broward MPO’s walking audits. This toolkit provides valuable systematic instructions and checklists for examining safety and walkability of a street.  AARP’s Pop-Up Placemaking Tool Kit, aims to help elected officials, planners, policymakers and involved residents use temporary projects to improve communities for people of all ages. 

A total of nearly $1.6 million was distributed to fund 159 quick-action projects across the country, as part of the third annual (2019) AARP Community Challenge.  These funds are helping communities make immediate improvements and jumpstart long-term progress to support residents of all ages.  These significant efforts along with AARP’s continuous participation and involvement is helping to improve streets in Broward and has been crucial to the overall success of the Broward MPO’s Complete Streets Initiative.


Complete Streets Champion Award

Uyen Dang, City of West Palm Beach

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Uyen serves as the City Traffic Engineer for the City of West Palm Beach and is a NACTO Leadership Fellow (the only one selected from Florida in 2018). She is the project manager for various projects including the WPB Mobility Study, Parking Study, and the City's Bicycle Master Plan. Uyen has worked on many roadway reconstruction and streetscape projects, including redoing Clematis St in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach to prioritize pedestrian safety. Uyen also lead the introduction of the City's first protected roundabout, several separated bicycle lane projects and a Terrazzo Bicycle lane on a major roadway.

Complete Streets Community Award

City of West Palm Beach
Pictured from left to right: Lina Camacho, Vladimir Jenneaut, Uyen Dang, Kevin Volbrecht, Scott Kelly, Lorenzo Roberto and Cristine Perdomo

The City of West Palm Beach is Palm Beach County's leader for Complete Streets initiatives, from having the first Complete Streets Policy in the County to participating in National programs that advance multimodal transportation such as NACTO, 880 Cities, and The Knight Foundation.

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The City has participated in innovative initiatives such as Tactical Urbanism, Musical Swings, Shore to Core Happy City Demonstration Project to name a few. The City also implemented the County's first Green Bicycle Lanes and separated Bicycle Lanes. The City recently completed the first phase of a streetscape improvement for Clematis St. in the heart of its downtown to create a more people-friendly street with wider and curb-less sidewalks. The City also recently completed a Mobility Plan to enhance the way people move in the City and provide more mobility choices so people have the option to walk, bike, ride, or drive in a safe and comfortable environment.


Pictured from left to right: Zainab Salim, Commissioner Richard Blattner, Walter Wernecke, Greg Stuart, Nick Uhren

Hollywood Boulevard Complete Streets Project

The project located in downtown Hollywood was selected as the “urban” Complete Streets Demonstration project. Destinations along this corridor include retail, office space and various restaurants. The corridor also provides direct access to the City Hall.

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Project improvements include striping and surface drainage configuration, colored concrete walks, enhanced pedestrian cross walks with center refuge median and center walkway spline, 5-foot wide bike lanes with buffer zone, pedestrian scale lighting, (ADA) parking spaces and accessible ways, safer parking configuration and landscaping.

Please be sure to cheer on and congratulate this year's winners and consider nominating your local Champions for next year's Safe Streets Awards!

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