2018 Safe Streets Awards

The Safe Streets Awards are an opportunity to highlight individuals and jurisdictions that have led by example in creating better streets for all users. Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties each selected one individual Complete Streets Champion Award winner and one Complete Streets Community Award winner. We were also excited to announce a new category: the People’s Choice Award for Best Complete Streets Project! Winners were announced at the 2018 Safe Streets Summit on February 2, 2018.

We are proud to announce the 2018 Safe Streets Awards Winners!



Complete Streets Champion

Scott Brunner, Director, Broward County Traffic Engineering Division

Scott Brunner is an outstanding professional, colleague, mentor and most importantly an exceptional leader. As the Director of Traffic Engineering for Broward County, he has transformed the Division from maintaining the “status quo” to having reputation of being open to new innovative ideas and techniques. According to Mr. Brunner; “Of everything I do, I am probably most passionate about traffic operations and safety” and we see this on a daily basis through his hard work and dedication. His accomplishments include: obtaining FHWA permission to use the color green in bike lanes, testing the use of traffic signal video detection of bicyclists and pedestrian at intersections to adjust signal timing accordingly, adopting new striping standards to include door zones next to parallel parked cars, and adopting buffered bike lanes. The work completed by and under the leadership of Scott Brunner is transforming Broward County.

Complete Streets Community Award

FDOT District IV Design Office

The FDOT District IV Design Office, headed by Steve Braun, has been leading the way in the implementation of Complete Streets in Broward. Understanding the importance of developing a safe and efficient transportation system for all users, FDOT District IV Design is committed to the new transformation underway in the transportation industry to implement “Complete Streets” and multi modal facilities. As the Broward MPO’s partner in developing a safe an efficient transportation system for all users, this Office works hand in hand with the Broward MPO and local partner governments to ensure projects are feasible, have the necessary community and political support and are designed to incorporate local visions while maintaining the general intent of each project. More importantly, variations from the auto focused standards have been approved in order to implement innovative approaches and balance the needs for competing users.


The department has also formalized a process to review and approve lane elimination requests on the state highway system. These requests, submitted by the local partners, have become an increasingly popular way to provide for enhanced bicycle, pedestrian, and aesthetic features thereby creating a more balanced transportation system that addresses the needs of all users. The Department has approved numerous lane elimination projects throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

This transformation that is taking place in Broward would not be possible without the great work and commitment of the men and women working for the FDOT, District IV Design office


Complete Streets Champion Award

Alyce Robertson, Executive Director, Miami Downtown Development Authority                  

Alyce Robertson has been a champion for complete streets and active transportation through her leadership in developing a variety of important projects in downtown Miami. The SW/SE 1st Street Pilot Project has taken complete streets to a new level in Miami-Dade County. Repurposing two travel lanes into a separated bike lane and an exclusive bus lane has rebalanced the infrastructure to meet actual travel behavior. The DDA was strategic in implementing SW/SE 1st Street as a pilot project to allow fine tuning so that future projects will benefit from the lessons learned. SW/SE 1st Street is part of a network of DDA-led complete street projects including the Biscayne Green multimodal corridor, creation of a continuous Baywalk and the current implementation of the DDA's Bicycle/Pedestrian Mobility Plan. Alyce is planning for future success by recruiting top-level staff to the DDA Design and Transportation section.

Complete Streets Community Award

City of Miami Beach

The City of Miami Beach has begun to implement their recently adopted Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan (2015), Street Design Guidelines (2016) and Transportation Master Plan (2016). Recent projects such as the West Ave separated bike lanes, the green bike lanes on 16th St, the Venetian Causeway, Alton Rd and Ocean Dr, as well the continuation of the Atlantic Trail show that the City is committed to multimodal transportation. Upcoming projects include the creation of a pedestrian priority zones in Flamingo Park and SoFi, and the development of neighborhood greenways and complete streets in priority corridors. These infrastructure improvements are supported by encouragement activities like the Miami Beach Ciclovia events and Citibike, which is one of the most success shared-bike programs in the US.

Palm Beach

Complete Streets Champion

Mayor Abby Brennan, Village of Tequesta

Working collaboratively with Palm Beach MPO, FDOT District IV, and affected local governments and citizens, Mayor Brennan spearheaded a public planning charrette leading to the adoption of the Tequesta US1 Corridor Master Plan in early 2016. The plan details the transformation of US 1 from a six-lane highway devoid of bicycle facilities, landscaping and a safe pedestrian network, to a four-lane “Complete Streets” retrofit project -- the first of its kind in Palm Beach County.

She exhibited strong leadership and commitment to the project by securing a 5-0 vote for an $80,000 local budget amendment to fund all planning and public outreach efforts that ensured the project’s overwhelming public support in the community and with adjacent local governments. She hosted numerous public events and attended several additional meetings with local groups and associations to explain the benefits of the project and address local concerns. All of her efforts were instrumental in the Village securing more than $610,000 in additional state and local funding to provide enhanced landscaping, lighting, street furniture, textured crosswalks and other intersection improvements. These planning, public involvement and funding techniques have triggered three other complete streets/lane elimination projects in Palm Beach County, using the same methodology, demonstrating their repeatability in other jurisdictions. The project is currently underway and is now affectionately known as “Abby’s Road.” This complete streets project which focuses on enhanced safety and mobility absolutely would not have happened without Mayor Brennan’s leadership and relentless commitment to the project.

Complete Streets Community Award

City of Delray Beach

Delray Beach, including the Commission, Delray's Transportation Planner, Xavier Falconi, and others, have done a tremendous job working with local community organizations like Human Powered Delray, Delray Beach Bicycle Club, and Safe to secure close to $10m in MPO project grants over the past few years. The focus of these grants are to build a safe mobility network for pedestrians and bicyclists. In addition, the city pulled together support from Boca and Boynton to submit a $25m TiGER grant with a goal to advance their entire Ped/Bike Master Plan for connecting communities.

Delray also secured and recently completed a $15m project for Fed Highway calming including a lane diet (3 lanes down to 2, in addition to narrowing the lane widths), new sidewalks, lighting and bicycle lanes. This project which was initially controversial, is now loved by the community and is seen as a beacon of progress. In addition to the completion of Federal was the completion of the first phase NE 2nd Ave complete street. Another project the community loves. As a result of these two projects, the City recently won a grant to turn Congress Ave. into a complete street. Delray Beach is also the first city to have a complete streets policy and a sustainability officer. Future projects the city is looking at is a bike share program as well as a grant to study the impact of creating a TOD downtown connecting Coastal Link. These are just some of the areas where Delray has been successful in creating a safer and more mobile network for its citizens and visitors.

People's Choice Award

City of West Palm Beach, Intersection Repair Project

The Intersection Repair Project at Fern Ave and Tamarind Street was a collaborative effort with the Dreyfoos School of Arts to implement a low-cost project to advance the long-term goal of safety for all users in the future design of the roadway. The location of the project was chosen because hundreds of Dreyfoos students ride Tri-Rail each day to school and cross the intersection as part of their "last mile".


During the morning, while the 15 to 18 year old children cross the street to get a top rated school in the downtown, there are four lanes of morning traffic rushing into the City.

The project draws attention to the context of this important intersection to place emphasis on the routes of other non-auto oriented forms of transportation. This awareness is intended to slow down automobile drivers in respect for others using other modes of transportation and to provide physical comfort and interest for the students crossing the street

The process included a kick-off with the School, a mock call to artists for the intersection design, the City’s Art in Public Places design approval, a workshop on design implementation and an event day for public participation in the project implementation. This was a great partnership between the school and city that brought caution and noterity to the intersection making it better for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.

Please be sure to cheer on and congratulate this year's winners and consider nominating your local Champions for next year's Safe Streets Awards!

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PUBLIC NOTICE:  Please note that participation in the various Safe Streets Summit events is anticipated by multiple members of the Miami-Dade TPO, Broward MPO, and Palm Beach TPA Governing Boards and their respective advisory committees.