Thanks to Everyone Who Participated in the Safe Streets Summit 2021 Ticket Raffle!

Here are some highlights of what participants had to say:

Moving forward, I commit to supporting safe streets by:

  • Supporting transit planning and implementing Vision Zero Principles in my work when possible.
  • Continuing to be an alternate member of the Broward County Transportation Disadvantaged Board for the Citizen Advocate member. Promoting transit and making it more reliable.
  • Advancing the growth of the East Coast Greenway. Contributing to disseminate information about safety and concerns to my faculty colleagues, students, and community.
  • Continuing to support the operations of the City of Coconut Creek to plan, design and create livable, safe, and connected streets on a local and regional scale as part of a highly efficient, multimodal transportation network that promotes the health and mobility of all citizens while reducing the negative impacts on the environment.
  • Elevating diverse voices in planning for Complete Streets.
  • Proactively searching for projects that support and promotes Safe Streets throughout the community.
  • Continuing to require multi-modal corridors for land use plan amendments.
  • Being extremely conscious behind the wheel of my car. I consider myself a good driver, not overly conscious and focused as I could be, in spite of having driven for fifty years; part of the time as and close to a million miles over that time I had my serious accident recently. It has really shaken me and made me focus more than I ever had behind the wheel.
  • Stopping at stop signs.
  • Working with my neighborhood association (Victoria park Civic Assoc) to make my neighborhood safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Spreading the word about the Safe Streets Summit.
  • Continuing to encourage my community as president of my civic association to embrace open safe street philosophies and educate them on the benefits and possibilities of working together to create a more mobile connected city that may be enjoyed by all modes of transportation from walking to biking to driving.
  • Moving forward, I commit to supporting safe streets by encouraging all local and state agencies to make space for everyone on our roadways.
  • I commit to advocating for safer streets by advocating for walkers and their journey to and from their destination. By reporting traffic areas and the availability to walk safely in or around them.