2017 Presentations

The 2017 Safe Streets Summit was a two-day event that included a pre-conference workshop and a full day conference featuring local and nationally recognized speakers. Dynamic plenary sessions focused on the building blocks needed for the implementation, evaluation, and funding of Complete Streets and their connection to creating a safe and healthy built environment for all.

Opening Session

Implementation Session: The Blueprint for Overcoming Barriers to Complete Streets

  • Road Diet: A Tool for Building Safer, More Complete Streets
    Rebecca Crowe, Transportation Specialist with the Federal Highway Administration
    Office of Safety
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  • Improving System Performance Through Urban Design
    Fred Jones, Senior Project Manager, Michael Baker International

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Evaluation Session: Stepping it Up: Evaluation as a Complete Streets Game-Changer

  • Edgewater Drive, Living through the Road Diet & Celebrating 13 Years as a Complete Street
    Jeff Arms, Transportation Section Manager, HDR

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  • Stepping It Up: Evaluation as a Complete Streets Game Changer
    Dale Bracewell, Manager of Transportation Planning for the City of Vancouver

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Keynote Session

Equity Session: An Avenue for Equity in Transportation

  • Getting Off on the Right Foot-The Path to Equity
    Scot Spencer, Associate Director for Advocacy and Influence, Annie E. Casey Foundation

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Funding Session: Paving the Way to Funding Complete Streets

  • Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida Success Stories Don’t Happen Overnight
    Edward Silva, Village Manager, Palmetto Bay Village Council

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